Leu is the currency in Romania

Here is an overview of money in Romania. The romanian Leu is the currency in Romania.



Overview of Romanian leu and what you should know about money in Romania

500 Lei in Romania

We don’t have many opportunities to see this 500 Lei much. Indeed even after living in Romania for several years, I have never seen this 500 Lei until now.


For whatever reason it is, if you have 500 Lei, it might be a good idea not to use it in the supermarket (as this is not often used and they might not accept it). 



200 Lei in Romania

This 200 Lei is also not often used, but compared to 500 Lei, you have chances to see. For example, when I exchanged a lot of money in Lei, I received 200 Lei. 



100 Lei in Romania

Picture: Ion Luca Caragiale (playwright)



50 Lei in Romania


Picture: Aurel Vlaicu (pilot and engineer)



10 Lei in Romania

Picture: Nicolae Grigorescu (painter)



5 Lei in Romania

Picture: George Enescu (composer, violinist)



1 Leu in Romania

Picture: Nicolae Iorga (historian, politician)



50 bani in Romania


10 bani in Romania


5 bani in Romania


1 ban in Romania

Note that as the value of 1 ban is really low, it is not often used. 

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