In Bucharest, shopping mall is often where you spend time with your friends. Here we list shopping malls as well as department stores in Bucharest and add our comments. In the end, we summarize which shopping malls are good for tourists. 


Lists of Shopping Mall in Bucharest

  • AFI Palace Cotroceni — big shopping mall in Bucharest


Address: Bd. Vasile Milea nr. 4


This is a huge shopping mall in Bucharest and has a lot of things inside. If you have limited time to stay in Bucharest but want to do shopping or spend time with your friends in the mall, then maybe AFI is a good choice. If you use metro, it is near politechnica metro station.


Since it is so big, you sometimes get lost, so if you have something specific to buy, it is a good idea to get a shopping mall map in the info center inside the afi mall.  


We will make a separate post for AFI mall.



  • Promenada — near sky tower (tallest building in Bucharest)


Address: Calea Floreasca Nr. 246B


This is located near Aurel Vlaicu metro station. The mall is next to sky tower, which is the tallest building in Bucharest. So once you arrive at Aurel Vlaicu metro station, you need to find the tallest building and you just need to keep walking to that direction.


It is not as big as AFI mall, but in promenada there is a food court and it is a nice place to spend some time with your friends.  


We will make a separate post for Promenada.



  • Mega Mall — big mall with movie theater


Address: Pierre de Coubertin nr. 3


Mega Mall is also a big mall with movie theater and food court. During the weekends full of people in the food court.


The only problem for tourists is that it is probably not so easy to find. The closest metro station is Iancului metro station, but from Iancului metro station, you need to walk about 30 minutes. You can also catch a bus and that is what romanians do, but for tourists it might be challenging. 


We will make a separate post for this mall.



  • Bucuresti Mall


Address: Calea Vitan 55-59


If you use metro, from Doristor metro station you need to walk about 25 minutes. But it might be a little bit difficult to find without a map.



  • Sun Plaza


Address: Calea Văcărești 391

Metro: piata sudului metro station.



  • Plaza Romania


Address: Bd. Timisoara, Nr. 26Z


It is near Brasov bus station. It is also possible to go there from Lujerului metro station.




Lists of Department Stores in Bucharest

  •  Unirea Shopping Center


Address: Bulevardul Unirii 1, București 030167



  • Baneasa Shopping City
  • Website:
  • Address: Şos. Bucharest-Ploieşti, nr. 42D



  • Mario Plaza Shopping Center


Address: Calea Dorobanților 172



Which shopping mall/ department store should you visit in Bucharest (as a tourist)?

Let’s say you are a tourist. Then which mall/ department store should you visit? If you use taxi everywhere, then it does not matter. But if you don’t use taxi much, then here are the two choices. 


1 Visiting Unirea shopping center (department store) is good for tourist if you are at Unirii

Unirea shopping center is just a department store, but this is directly next to Unirii 2 metro station. Since you are probably at Unirii anyway, it is a place to take a look at.


But you surely don’t need a whole day for this shopping mall. You stop by and see what is there. If you want to spend longer time, then we recommend you visit a mall.



2 AFI mall is good for tourist if you have some time

If you have some time to spend in the mall, then AFI mall is a good choice for tourists because it is a very big mall and it is more likely that you can find something there. It is also accessible without taxi.

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